The Belgian Waffle


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Waffles get a bad rap! Maybe that’s because they look so delicious and we’re trained to believe if we’re trying to lose weight we can’t have delicious. This is wrong, and this waffle may be one of your friends if you give it a shot!

The message here is not to make a “whole wheat-gluten free-antibiotic free-high fiber-free range” waffle. Have a real waffle but make another nutrient rich food the star of the show like Greek yogurt, eggs, nuts and fruit.. the waffle becomes the best supporting actor.

Here’s a few ways to make your waffle fantastic (with nutrition information of course)

The Greek Yogurt Waffle Sundae 


4oz plain 0% thick Greek yogurt (fage)

1/2c raspberries 

1 tbsp light maple syrup 

1/4 chocolate chip Belgian waffle (a very large thick piece – of thin and homemade you can have 1/2)


1. Heat waffle 30 seconds 

2. Add syrup

3.scoop the yogurt on top 

4. Sprinkle the raspberries

5. Drizzel more syrup 

eat with a knife and fork!

Nutrition facts

237kcal, 16g protein, 5g fat, 39g carbs

**this is less calories and carbs than a bagel with cream cheese or even a full “gluten free low sugar whole grain free range antibiotic free” waffle 

some other things to do with waffles

1. Have 1/2 plain, two large poached eggs on top with salt and pepper

2. Have 1/2 banana waffle topped with light syrup and 1 tbsp of almond butter with more sliced bananas 

3. Have 1/2 blueberry waffle topped with 1/2c light whipped cream, 1 cup of blueberries and 2 tbsp walnuts 


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