The Isagenix Knock Off


The Isagenix knock off

I created this recipe when my husband told me he thought he should try the Isagenix diet to lose weight for the wedding.I researched the micro and macro nutrients and decided that I can create my own healthy non-powdery version. The essence was high protein, high B vitamins.
Results? All he had was this shake for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and a lean protein with vegetables for dinner every night for a month or two. He said this shake kept him full for hours and enjoyed it! He lost 30lbs…try this!


Serves 1


1/4c water

1c of fruit of choice (I really like pineapple, mango or berries)

1 small banana

1c of greek yogurt, plain 0% fat

2 handfuls of spinach (you can sub kale, spinach has more iron)

1 tsp of flax seed


Blend the night before and pour into take out mug. Shake it up in the morning and voila!

Nutrition Facts:

Calories: 279

Protein: 22g

Fat <2g

Carbs 49.4g

Fiber 8-10g

Total carb exchanges (about 2.5)

Why this works: A breakfast rich in TRUE protein (not powder protein) and fiber aids in satiety for hours and optimal health. The spinach adds tons of vitamins and minerals for energy (see below). you don’t ACTUALLY taste the spinach, it just gives the shake a nice green color.

The Vitamins and minerals you get from 1c of spinach makes this a very nutritious shake. In two cups you exceed your recommendation of Vitamin K, A, magnesium and folate. Not to mention it serves 72% of your daily recommended intake of Iron, 52% B6, 64% B2, 48% Calcium, Vitamin C and Potassium!


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