How do you stay skinny or lose weight if you LOVE FOOD?

I love food too. That why I believe that eating right means discovering slimming foods. If you incorporate those low calorie foods into your favorite dishes on a daily basis, you’ll lose weight. Preparing meals from this site to have 80% of your week will help you shed those extra pounds. I included caloric information so you can track on a device or food journal to keep yourself in check, motivated and at your goal weight.

My Sweet Nutritionist Rules

  • “Bad” desserts one serving every two weeks
  • Eat a Healthy Dessert every other day (as a mood booster)
  • Stress free meal’s out less than twice a month (the kind where you dont tell the waiter light on the sauce, steam no butter, is that a broth or a cream sauce?)
  • Sundays are your prep day. Take ONE HOUR and make a dish you can eat all week for lunch. Make sides you can incorporate into your dinner meals so you don’t come home hungry and unprepared.
  • Physical activity high intensity 2-3x/week. Yoga, stretching or pilates 3-4x/week. Studies have shown that modest exercise more often will increase weight loss and reduce hunger. If you workout intense the whole week you could be ruining your diet with excessive hunger, which defeats the purpose of weight loss.

I have created fast simple dinners with minimal ingredients for those who are new to cooking and slightly impatient. Thinner dinners are self explanatory, but usually take a little longer than 10-15 minutes. Since I am a vegetarian (however, I do eat fish), I created a plain Vegetarian dinner recipe category. Going Vegetarian for one day per week can be really good for you and meatless mondays are the best way to start!  

Meatless Monday

I suggest you make yourself food for the week to store in the refrigerator or freezer. Preparing for regular lunches and dinners is your best chance at achieving weight loss. Simple sides work well as snacks and dinner starters. Sometimes I like to just eat few side dishes for dinner. Soups are a great way to save money, time and calories. Make a big pot one day per week and store in portion sized tupperware in the freezer. I also like to use these as my afternoon snack before the gym. I get more satisfaction from a homemade soup than an energy bar or bag of nuts.

We always have room for desserts, which is why I have a category called desserts you can handle. The inspiration of my desserts comes from my boyfriend who bakes like a culinary professional (but isn’t). With lots of thought, countless errors and dirty looks I have been able to mimic some of his recipes with a calorie profile that makes me happy.

And lastly, as a former bartender, my “nutrition mixology” is up to date with the best seasonal cocktails that will not make you feel guilty….so you can have another…and another.



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